To reach the teams goal of flying fast safely, the AIR/e Control Team is researching and executing tests with the Skyhunter 1800 model airplane. This RC kit is bought to provide a simple platform for testing stability. This is done using Pixhawk PX4 telemetry and our own developed Matlab-Simulink model to ensure stable flight by providing assistance to RC pilot on demand and to eventually fly autonomously in the future.

Previously the Multiplex FunJet Ultra was used but upgraded by the Skyhunter 1800 foam plane. The radio controlled model aircraft¬† foray into the world of speed. It’s capabilities are such that it is capable to fly at speeds in excess of 150-200 km/h, but slow as well. The 700KV motor is controlled by a 60A electronic speed controller and powered by a 2 to 6 cell LiPo battery. The wide wing is of a lightweight foam, and therefore, ideal for testing flight controller feedback, also when tests do not work out as planned.

At the moment a Bachelor Final Project is being completed by one of our TU/e students who is mapping the system and improving the model to  assist the RC pilot firstly and eventually fly autonomously and contribute to the development of our future AIR/e planes.

If you are interested in our project or help as a volunteer, please contact us or visit our AIR/e honk at TU/e.