The AIR/e EDF Jet is AIR/e’s first model airplane. It is constructed and tested in 2017 and 2018. This foam-balsa model airplane was powered by three LiPo batteries (14 cells in total) that power a single Electric Ducted Fan motor (128 mm) that can produce 130 Newton of thrust, which just satisfied the needed amount of force to fly the EDF Jet. At the and of 2018, it is concluded that this first self-constructed model airplane was to heavy and moreover not easy to launch and despites could not reach our speed goals. Nevertheless, the team gained a lot of knowledge on building and flying such a medium size model aircraft.

To improve their first remote controlled airplane using the teams knowledge and experiences during these years on designing and fabricating, in 2019 team AIR/e started on designing a lighter and more stable airplane: the AIR/e Dual Midi-EDF airplane. Therefore, the AIR/e EDF Jet has retired now.

Below, a couple of photo’s of the AIR/e EDF Jet with launching platform on the RC Field in Son en Breugel (near Eindhoven, NL).