Dual Midi EDF Jet Carbon
Dual Midi EDF Jet 3

Using knowledge of tests with the AIR/e EDF Jet model aircraft the team now had the ambition and experience to completely design and construct their own model airplane. Currently, the team is busy building their new self-designed carbon constructed model airplane with Dual Midi EDFs. Similar to the previously used single EDF, those two lightweight Midi EDFs are powered by two 6-cell (22.2V) LiPo batteries with 91 Amps, supplying a combined 4 kW of power and generating approximately 62 Newton of thrust at fan outflow speed of 250 km/h. The power to weight ratio of this Dual Midi EDF model airplane is much higher.

Several Bachelor Final Projects that investigated topics such as aerodynamics, construction and propulsion resulted in a new delta-shaped model airplane. This new wing body with a wingspan of 95 centimeters is completely constructed using vacuum bag molding with lightweight carbon fibers using a carbon sandwich with a 2 millimeter special foam layer in-between. To produce the correct wing body shapes, a number of MDF molds were milled with a milling machine (CNC). As a result, an airplane weight reduction of 50% can be achieved due to the lightweight carbon construction compared to a balsa wood and foam sandwich variant that was used to be flown. With this new model aircraft, which will be tested by two of our team members who are RC pilots, the team wants to fly at least 200 km/h soon.

More info and tests soon!